1st Myanmar International Photography Salon

1st Myanmar International Photography Salon

FIAP Certificate

1st Myanmar International Photography Salon



Myanmar Photographic Society

No.27-29, 1st Floor, 35th Street, Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar. 11181



Salon Chair man

Mr. Kyaw Kyaw Winn



PATRONAGE: FIAP (2018/502)


The jury members


2.Thiha Thein Nyan, Hon;MPS, Hon:FMPS ,A.MPS

3. Soe Moe (Artist, Film Director& Photographer) Hon:MPS, Hon:FMPS

4.Pe Myint Oo, Hon;MPS,F.MPS,ARPS

5. Dr. Mg Mg Gyi, Hon;MPS,F.MPS

6.Htin Lin, Hon;MPS,P.MPS

7.Moe Min, Hon.MPS,F.MPS,ARPS

8. Aung Myoe, P.MPS

9. Kyaw Win Hlaing, P.MPS



This salon is open to amateur and professional photographers from all over the world.
Each photo can be presented in only one section. When an entrant submits images, which are significantly similar to each other, only one of the images will be accepted, even if the images are entered in different sections. An entrant’s four images will be distributed throughout four rounds of judging for every section. Entries must originate as photographs made by the entrant.



There are four sections; Print 2 Sections and DIGITAL 2 Sections

Print 2 Sections

  1. A) Open Color
    B) Open Monochrome


Monochrome images are NOT ALLOWED to be entered in the OPEN COLOUR section



* All the prints WILL BE DESTROYED after the public exhibition of the event.

* Each print must have entrants Name, Photographic Honors, Address, Phone number, email.    Section and Title (as per the entry form) on the back of the print (using the English alphabet).

*All completed forms you submit must be clearly written in ENGLISH BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS. Incomplete information is a cause for rejection.
*There will be no confirmation from the Organizer when your submissions have been delivered. Please contact your local postal or courier service about obtaining an optional delivery confirmation receipt.

*All print entry must be arrive in final date 30.11.2018

*We don’t accept after arrival of final date.

*Color or monochrome single prints (no photo series, panels, or mounted works allowed).

*Words such as “Untitled” and “No Title” are not acceptable as part or all of an image’s title, nor are camera capture filenames.


Packages should be marked on the outside: “Photographs for exhibition only: no commercial value”.



DIGITAL 2 Section
C) Travel (Color)
D) People (Color/Monochrome)


Monochrome images are NOT ALLOWED to be entered in the Travel section



File Naming


Submission file name as follow:

Section Name_First Name_Last Name _Title_Country

For example, you are submitting works in open color section, your name First name is Adam and Last name is Smith, title is Journey of life and country name is Japan. So file name should be as follows:

Open color_Adam_ Smith_Journey of life_Japan

Each image must have a unique title with maximum of 35 characters.
Only Western/Latin, English Alphabet (a-z; A-Z; 0-9) are allowed. Words such as “Untitled” and “No Title” are not acceptable as part or all of an image’s title, nor are camera capture filenames or titles consisting of only numbers.
No title or identification of the maker shall be visible anywhere on the face of an image.
Once an image has been submitted to a section of this exhibition the same image should not be color converted and submitted to any other section.


You could not delete or edit photo after submission.

Author copyright

Each entrant owns the copyright of the submitted images. The entrant certifies the work as his own. The entrant permits the organizers to reproduce the entered material free of charge for promotional purposes related to the Circuit, like the catalogue, photo CD/DVD and the website, unless specifically stated otherwise by the entrant on the entry form.


Submit of photos


For Print Section

All entries MUST be submitted via mail service. Print size MUST be only 8×12 inches.

The maximum number of works is four (4) per section. (Total 8 photos).
Submitted with via email will not be judged in print section.

Post Address for Print Salon

Salon Chair man

Myanmar Photographic Society

No.27-29, 1st Floor, 35th Street,

Kyauktada Township, Yangon,

Myanmar. 11181

For Projected Images
ALL entries MUST be submitted via the Internet. Can submitted via our website and also our official email only. The maximum number of works is four (4) per section. (Total 8 photos).
Photos must be in JPG file format. File size of individual image should not exceed 3MB.
The dimensions of the photos must be to a maximum of 1920 pixels wide by a maximum of 1080 pixels high. The jury of the photos will be in Full HD TV screens.


Entry Fee

15 Eur (25$) for 1-2 sections
25 Eur (40$) for 3-4 sections


Way of payment



Payment comments please write the full name of the author. Checks are not accepted.

The works of the authors who did not pay the fee would not be taken into consideration.




FIAP Blue Badge for the best Author / MPS Bule Badge for Local best Author
4 FIAP Gold medals
4 FIAP Silver Medals
4 FIAP Bronze Medals

8 FIAP HM Ribbons
4 MPS Gold medals
4 MPS Silver medals

4 MPS Bronze medals –

4 MPS HM Ribbons


All acceptances will count for “FIAP, MPS” and Distinctions”



A Great printed catalogue (FIAP 3 star) will be published and distribute among the winners only.

On-line PDF exhibition catalog will be published on 24-12-2018 at www.mps-1950.org


Closing date               : 30-11-2018

                       : 5,6-12-2018

Notification of results : 24-12-2018

Public showing(s)      : 24-12-2018

Catalogues posted    : 27-12-2018

Exhibition date(s)       : 22~24-03-2019


Submission Coming Soon!!!!


FIAP definition of Monochrome

A Black and white work fitting from the very dark grey (black) to the very clear grey (white) is a monochrome work with the various shades of grey. A black and white work toned entirely in a single color will remain a monochrome work able to stand in the black and white category; such a work can be reproduced in black and white in the catalogue of a salon under FIAP Patronage. On the other hand a black and white work modified by a partial toning or by the addition of one color becomes a color work (polychrome) to stand in the color category; such a works requires color reproduction in the catalogue of a salon under FIAP Patronage.


FIAP definition of PhotoTravel.


“A Photo Travel image must express the feeling of a time and place, and portray a land, its distinctive features or culture in its natural state. There are no geographical limitations. Closeup pictures of people or objects must include distinguishable environment. Techniques that add to, relocate, replace or remove any element of the original image, except by cropping, are not permitted. All adjustments must appear natural. Conversion to full monochrome is acceptable. Derivations including infrared are unacceptable.”

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